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Unity for Victory

Greetings! I hope you all are well rested from the primary election. We have much to accomplish in order to achieve victory in November. I have enclosed my thoughts on the primary and three campaign updates below.


One of the things I like about our General Assembly is that it is a part-time job. I am a part-owner in a cyber security firm during the day and that helps me understand the challenges everyday small business owners and working families face. I have been spending the weeks after the primary election catching up on my day job so I am a bit delayed with my post-primary thoughts!

Congratulations to all the winners in the primary election! I look forward to working together as a united Republican Party to win in November. We need to elect Larry Hogan for Governor, Boyd Rutherford for Lieutenant Governor, Jeff Pritzker for Attorney General, and Bill Campbell for Comptroller. We also need to increase the number of Republicans in the General Assembly and our County Councils. To those who fell short in their primaries, I thank you all for contributing to our discourse and I strongly encourage you to stay involved in our communities. Maryland is a beautiful state with a unique history and it is worth fighting for.

Finally, thank you for your confidence in me! We won our primary and we will run a spirited campaign in the general election.

New Website!

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We revamped our digital presence! We have a new and improved website and consistency in branding across our social media. Thanks to Phil Tran for his creativity and expertise on this front.

Visit our website at

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20130914-323-2My New Campaign Manager

Welcome Phil Tran to Team Kelly!

In addition to building my new website, Phil Tran is my new campaign manager. Phil, among other talents, runs his own PR/creative firm and has over ten years experience working in politics. Phil has a sterling record in general elections as a consultant and staffer for top-tier races in difficult environments. He brings an infectious enthusiasm and a strong devotion to Maryland to our team. We are focused on victory in November.

Please sign up to volunteer on our website and we will get you on board!


Invest In Our Campaign

Republicans can win in Maryland. Republicans will win in Maryland. In my first term as your Delegate, I was an effective and conservative Delegate in Annapolis. While much attention has been paid to legislation passed by the Democratic majority that has hurt Maryland business, not enough attention has been paid to the positive legislation that has come out of Annapolis thanks principled conservative legislators tirelessly working for you.

– I authored legislation that protects the property rights of farmers and strengthens our local economy.
– I worked to revise the Workplace Fraud Act in order to cut red tape, taxes, and fees for small businesses.
– I voted to lower the estate tax and that became law, thus protecting the legacies of many of our hardworking farmers and small businesses.
– I authored and advocated for the passage of the Slayer’s Statute, known as the Anne Sue Metz Law. This important law stops a perpetrator who feloniously and intentionally kills, conspires to kill, or procures the killing of a person, from being able to profit from the estate of their victim.

In a General Assembly where Republicans are in the minority, I have proven in my first term that I am an effective and conservative advocate for our values. Will you please invest $15 in our campaign today? Your investment in our campaign will help me secure reelection so I can work diligently in Annapolis to return your hard earned dollars to you! Invest in our campaign today!


Thank you so much for your continued support. I can’t wait to see you on the campaign trail!

Kelly Schulz
Maryland House of Delegates
District 4

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